I embrace meeting new people and many times I wish I could start random conversations to meet new people.  There are 2 reasons that I do not randomly engage in conversations with strangers – the first is that I will get rejected by them and the second is because I’m too disengaged with my surroundings because of my phone.  I’m pushing my grocery cart around grabbing groceries, texting and sometimes even talking on the phone, meanwhile people are having to push their carts around me when I stop to text and having to listen to me chat away on the phone.  Now if I wasn’t doing that, I might be able to smile and make eye contact with someone who’s having a bad day, I could say hello to an elderly person who is lonely and doesn’t have anyone else in their life, I could help a mom who’s trying to juggle kids and grocery shopping (which all you moms know is a miracle to get out unscathed) or quite simply put I could enjoy and be grateful that I have money in my purse to buy groceries, a home to bring them to and 2 beautiful children to feed.  That’s what I should be doing – not texting, not talking on the phone and not being in a huge hurry to just get it over.  In the last few weeks I have noticed that trending on Facebook seems to be videos about how disengaged we are with those around us and it’s so dead on that anyone of us could write the song.  I’m challenging myself and all of you to not only watch the video but follow through with the message.  Put your cellphone down for a while and engage in the world around you.  I absolutely love the pin on Pinterest about everyone putting their phone in the middle of the table, first one to pick up their phone has to pay the bill!  LOVE IT!  I’m definitely going to challenge others to that when I’m going out again.  I am guilty of it and very consciously try not to do it with my children around however I do it with others and how incredibly rude of me to not value their time they are giving to me.  I believe that there is a balance between social media and life – my balance has tipped off.  If I choose to drain my brain when I’m by myself with no one around – that is one thing but if I choose to do that while I could be engaging with other than it’s my loss – not theirs. 

You forgot a username for the YouTube shortcode

Now this all ties into something that has been speaking to me for the last few days and that’s how everyone comes into our life for a reason.  Strangers cross our paths on a daily basis through work, children’s activities, the bank, grocery store, and so on.  The thought has come to me that I may be missing some of these people coming into my life because of being so disengaged.  The lessons that I am meant to learn from these people are maybe not coming to me when they should, the relationships I am meant to form are not happening, and quite possibly the lessons I am meant to teach someone are being missed.  I am meant to come into others lives for a reason too and maybe it’s to help them through a difficult time, give them new insight or to form a new friendship – it makes me sad to think that maybe I am missing the opportunity to shine my light by having my nose in my phone. 

You forgot a username for the YouTube shortcode


Remember that people are meant to come to us but we are also meant to come to others.

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