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Gratitude is a new buzzword these days – everyone talks about how to practice it. Keeping a gratitude journal and quite simply how to find the value in all things are 2 very simple ways.  It’s not always easy to realize how incredibly blessed we all are.  Our stories, struggles and difficulties are all different yet by practicing gratitude we can bring everyone back together in our thankfulness.  I try every day to be thankful for something and by being thankful, I mean I stop and acknowledge it and think about it.  I can sit back and think about a lot of things to be grateful for but in my mind – if I don’t actually stop and put an effort into what it actually is than I’m not practicing the true sense of gratitude.

There is an attitude around being grateful.  There is a mindset that needs to happen in order to fully embrace how powerful being grateful can be.  I like to narrow my thoughts down to very specific moments and how they felt.   I wanted to type very specific ‘things’ in that last sentence but things are not what I am grateful for.  I am grateful for the means to get those ‘things’ however the ‘things’ are not what makes my heart full.  When I’m having an off day as most of us do – I often have to step back into a place of gratitude.  Here is how I get to my place of gratitude on a bad day:  I have to acknowledge why I’m not having a good day, figure out the feelings and what’s surrounding them.  What’s driving them?  Is it me not feeling worthy or deserving?  Did someone say something that I’m putting too much thought into?  (Note to self – someone else’s opinion of me is none of my business)  I know in all honesty that the biggest driver of a bad day for me is that nagging feeling of not feeling deserving of good things.  This is not easy – this is work in progress every single day.  So after I’ve truly figured out where my bad day is being driven from – I can just acknowledge that it’s ok.  It’s ok to have a bad day however it’s not ok to mow others over in that bad day.   I used to do that – A LOT!  I don’t feel like I do that anymore, I will often ask for space to step away and rationalize now versus firing out all my frustrations on unsuspecting people.  So now that I’ve acknowledged that I’m human – I can move to gratitude.  My process looks like this:  what made me smile, feel loved, happy, acknowledged?  Once I’ve got that feeling in me I know that I’ve gone into my heart instead of my head.  From there – it’s a simple acknowledgement of what was happening in that moment and realizing that today is today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is a new start. 

Today in this very moment as I write this – I am grateful for the 2 tiny feet that pitter-pattered into my room at 5:20AM, climbed into my bed, hugged me and said ‘Wake up mommy’ in a quiet gentle whisper.  When I opened my eyes and said ‘Good morning Jayla’, she hugged me tight and said ‘Love you mommy’.  Here is a lesson in gratitude – I could have been upset that Jayla was awake at 5:20AM because honestly it makes the mornings a bit difficult when she’s awake before I’ve even hit the shower or I can choose to acknowledge that moment.  In that moment for me was the amount of love I felt for her in seeing her bright eyes looking up at me this morning.  As I type this post I am acknowledging so much more in that moment – I am capable of providing a safe place for them to sleep soundly, I have been blessed with having children as not everyone gets that blessing, and quite simply – we both woke up today.  So can you guess what kind of day I’m having today now?  Embrace the power of gratitude and express it.  Be thankful for what surrounds you and remember you too are also a blessing to the world and someone is grateful for you today.

What are you grateful for today?  Sit back and put real thought into it.


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  • Bob . June 11, 2014 . Reply

    I am grateful for Choices for the growth and healing it has given me.
    And to see the growth and healing you are experiencing along with many others we shared the Choices journey with as trainees and coaches. I appreciate how you incorporate the tools regularly in your blog as it is a great review. One of my favourites you used in this blog- what other people’s opinion of me is none of my business.
    We practise “the gift I see in you” every night at bedtime- ending our day with gratitude is medicine.

    • (Author) Tanya . June 12, 2014 . Reply

      Bob – what a great reminder you just gave me about “the gift I see in you”. Thank you for continuing to be a part of my journey.

  • Terri . June 4, 2014 . Reply

    I am grateful to have u in my life and most grateful for u being there this past Friday!

    • (Author) Tanya . June 4, 2014 . Reply

      Thanks friend – I too am grateful for having you in my life.

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