5 Miracles I See Through My Children

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Wow – I owe you all an apology for being so absent from my blog this summer.  Apologies to any of you that may have checked in to see any updates.

Time has certainly escaped me this summer.  I have drifted through the last few months with no expectations and a ‘go with the flow’ attitude that has thoroughly allowed many great memories to happen.  I feel as though everything has played out just as it should  have.  My beautiful little girls seem to have blossomed into the miracles that they are right before my eyes.  I have always thought of children as miracles however up until the last little while, it was more of a statement than a belief.

5 Miracles I See Through My Children

1 – Love – Children love unconditionally.  They love in times of good, they love in times of bad.  I have on many occasions witnessed my girls in a fight of wills only to turn around and see them love on each other unconditionally when they both needed love.


2 – Forgiveness – What a lesson we could all learn from our children in the art of forgiveness.  Although we all try to not allow our children to carry any of our burden, we sometimes do without realization.  What we don’t realize is that they still wake up and forgive us for that, they still move forward on the path with you not stopping to think about whether you are deserving or worthy of their forgiveness.


3 – Compassion – I love this one.  My eldest daughter is so sensitive that just a look can send her into tears, my youngest is so dramatic that the word ‘No’ is as if the world has collapsed around her and all reason to live has ceased however if they aren’t crying together, they are searching for reasons as to why the other is crying and trying to comfort them.  There is nothing and I mean nothing in the world that warms my heart more than my girls being compassionate not only to each other but to others around them.

compassion quotes

4 – Laughter – Laugh out loud, no I mean really LAUGH!  When is the last time you have allowed yourself to laugh to the point of aching tummy muscles?  The laughter of children is the best medicine in the world for anything that might ail you.  I smile as I write this because I see my children’s faces lit with laughter and they are both notorious for getting the hiccups when they laugh.  If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of hiccups, please send them my way.  We have a lot of hiccups in our house.


5 – Acceptance – I think this speaks to itself.  Children accept others without judgement, without prejudice and with open arms and often open hearts.  They are not yet tainted by the world and the enormous amount of pain and suffering in it that leads many to be guarded.



How did I see these miracles happen?  I believe that with no expectations came no distractions or timelines.  Without being distracted by an expectation of a certain result or having a deadline for finishing something – everything about my time with the girls has ended with me being in a place of awe.  An eternal place of Gratitude.  It pains me to say this but part of me feels that I have not fully seen my children until now, I say that because I’m seeing them in a whole new world, a different light and as the true blessings that they are to me.  Is it that I never fully saw them before or is it that time is passing and they are growing with no regard for whether or not I see them?  I hope it’s the latter as time doesn’t stand still – an obvious statement that most of us take for granted.  What I hope for out of this realization is that it has come sooner than it did for those people who look at me and say ‘enjoy them, they are only little for a short time’.  I sometimes feel a bit offended when someone says that to me as if I haven’t enjoyed them to this point however I know that is my doubt playing in my mind.  They are only telling me a truth that they know and have experienced –  time didn’t stand still and their children grew up with no regard for time passing.

enjoy today mama


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