If today was your last day?

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If today was your last day;
Would you sit back and reflect and think about the choices you made that took you down a different path than you wanted in that moment?
The words that you said out of anger, hurt, resentment or guilt?
The people who you let pass through your life without so much as a second glance?
The times you were wanting love or support and rejected it for fear of being hurt?
If you were the person you always wanted to be?
There are so many things that we can sit back and reflect on. As I’m writing this, even I realize that my first instinct was to run to whether or not I would have done things ‘good enough’. Pretty reflective of how I know I’m in an incredible place in my life now but I still lead myself back to – did I do it good enough? What is good enough to me? I’m thinking it’s a comparison to something or someone else but again as I’m writing – my head is saying no it’s not. It’s you comparing yourself to expectations that you have set in your head about your life and who you should be. I hate that word expectations, I try very hard to not set expectations of anything in my life. If I do have an expectation of someone, I communicate it. Since I’ve learned that no one has a crystal ball, it’s been pretty empowering to just communicate what it is you are expecting from someone. Simple but how often do we assume that those around us know what we are seeking from them. So now that I’ve worked that through in my head – let’s try this again.

Would you sit back and cherish the choices that you made that took you on the path you were meant to live?
The words that you did express from a space of love and caring?
The people who you didn’t let pass you by and whom you shared a portion of your life with?
The times that you did allow yourself to be vulnerable and remember the comfort it brought you?
The person that you are being exactly who you were meant to be?

Now doesn’t that change your perspective as you were reading and pondering the first set of questions you might ask yourself. Now if you were given the chance to say the words, build the relationships, accept the vulnerability and just be exactly who you were meant to be – why wouldn’t you? I know my answer would be because I’m scared. I’ve learnt it’s ok to be scared – there is nothing wrong with being scared. If we were scared of nothing, we wouldn’t learn any lessons in life. So instead of being scared, I choose to live. Live here and live now. I choose to keep walking the path that’s set in front of me, thank and love the people who are on it with me, allow myself to stumble and reach up for a hand to help me through and just be me. What’s the choice you are making? What set of questions are you living by?

What if...

What if…

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  • Carol . November 8, 2014 . Reply

    Well thought and written ……great message and lots brought to surface for me to think about…..thank you! Hugs from Carol

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