Whose bucket have you filled today?

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My daughters get bedtime stories every night. In all honesty I am unsure that my 4 (almost 5!) has ever gone a night without a story. I pack books when we travel so as to make sure that they both get their bedtime stories. I know all about how children who are read to daily apparently are better in academics, how they are more grounded and the benefits go on and on. I know all of that but that’s not why I chose to read to them. I chose to read to them because I’m selfish. I soak up every second laying beside them in bed – just being in their presence calms me, it grounds me and it brings me back the reality of how incredibly blessed I am.
My eldest daughter insists on reading the same story every night to the point where she’s now just doing it for the banter that gets exchanged between her and her grandpa or myself. “Awe come on – the crayon story again?” Her devious little smile and “Yep again!” What I love most about this is that at the end of the story the child changes how he uses his different colours in the colouring box and makes this amazing colourful image that his teacher then gives him an “A for colouring and an A+ for creativity.” for. My daughter now puts an “A+ for creativity” on her drawings. She has learnt that it’s ok to express her creativity in whatever way she wants to. I love this lesson but there is one other story I love more.
“Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” has prompted so many great conversations for her and I. It talks about ways you can fill other people’s buckets, how you can dip into others buckets and how doing that doesn’t fill your own bucket. Most importantly it talks about how filling another persons bucket fills your own bucket too. Now obviously this book is geared to children but it goes to show how incredibly simple the principle is.

Selfishly I love this book because she immediately tells me how much she loves me and then follows that up with the question – “Did that fill your bucket mommy?”. I am obviously biased in my complete admiration for her but that girl is an old soul with so many things to teach me in this life that I can’t help but sit back and truly listen to her perspective so as to learn something new everyday.
This book continually reminds me how imperative it is to “fill” other people’s buckets and in turn I myself will feel fulfilled. It’s a reminder about how my purpose is exactly what it’s supposed to be. How empowering myself and others to feel loved is the most fulfilling thing I can do for myself. It challenges me to better understand others around me and be vulnerable enough to fill their bucket in a genuine manner. Being genuine is a different feeling when doing this, it makes that person feel as though they matter. When was the last time you told someone they mattered? Like truly understood them and stepped through your comfort zone wall and were a part of filling their bucket? I would challenge you to look at that and for some of you that may be you filling your own bucket before you can fill others buckets. It might be working on your self love and talking kindly to yourself and quite simply it might be you standing in a mirror and saying “Who I am is enough”.

I personally add to the end of that “I am exactly who I am meant to be.”


So have you filled a bucket today whether it be yours or someone else’s?

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