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When the clouds part after the rain,

will you have danced with me?

When my cheeks hurt from the laughter,

will you still be my happily ever after?

When the tears are so much to bear,

will you still be standing there?

And when you leave me to say goodbye

choice or chance – will you cry?

Life is full of lessons learnt, lessons taught and many lessons yet to come.  Many of these lessons will revolve around people who are in our lives, people who’ve left our lives through choices or chance and people who’ve yet to cross our path.

Those people who’ve left us by choice – what did they teach us?  What did we offer them in their time in our lives?  What didn’t we have that they needed to seek from someone else?  This is not to say we aren’t good enough – this is to say we are all different and unique and meant to be exactly who we are meant to be so we can not possibly be everything for everyone.  You see those people who quietly or chaotically come into our lives come there for a reason.  You may think that they needed you in those moments but often times you need them just as badly as they’ve needed you.  So my question in this is – have you treated them the way you would want to be treated if you needed them like they needed you?

Those people who’ve left us by chance – what were their wishes for us?  What did they dream of for you?  If they could have one more day with you – what would it look like?  I believe if they had just one day – they’d tell you just how amazing you are, how strong you are, how brave you’ve become but mostly I think they’d tell you just one thing – you are enough just the way you are.  Those people leave us by chance and many times it breaks us, it near kills us but through it we become stronger.  Through it and the struggles that ensue we survive.  You see we survive because someone else here needs us.  Somehow, somewhere we will be needed and we may not even know that it has come to pass without us even realizing it.  Will you treat those that have yet to come with the love and acceptance of those who’ve come and gone?  For one day you will be the one leaving by choice or chance.

Here now, gone by choice or chance – hug me before  you go.

Hug Broken


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