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Have you ever noticed how life is like a creation of art that is shaped and molded by the thought and effort you put into it? You wake up each day, open your eyes, let your feet hit the floor and you have a fresh canvas to start on. You can decide what it will look like that day; it may be bright and vibrant or it may be dark and sad but you choose. On your dark days, you will paint with dark colors and recklessness abandonment not stopping to see where your paint flies and where it lands; you will tarnish and damage your surroundings with little thought to the consequences.  People will choose whether they will distance themselves from the inferno of your wayward paint or they will join you and their canvas now becomes darkened by your color choice for the day. Little do you know that you have drug this persons fresh canvas into your world because you are so invested in ensuring you cover every open area of yours. It pains me to write this knowing that we’ve all done this and continue to do this. Don’t think that you haven’t done it, we’ve all taken our bad mood for the day and spewed words or actions to our loved ones around us with no regard for how we’ve affected their world for the day. We continually choose to hurt the ones we love the most because they are within reach of our paintbrushes and at the end of the day we realize that we are responsible for their canvas that day. As dark as it may be colored and as reckless as it may be, we can find beauty in it if we only take the time to see it. Many things can come from darkness if we are willing to confront it; healing, light, peace, contentment.

So we wake up the next day and realize that we want a more bright and vibrant canvas today, we want to stand back and admire the work of art at the end of the day. We paint with intent, careful thoughtful strokes and colors that we choose and take the time to mix  so as to reflect our souls. We are proud of our painting today and we invite others to admire it with us and from that they too are inspired to paint their canvas with the rainbow of colors within their soul. We are all at peace at the end of the day knowing we have lived the day with purpose, with intent and with light.

So I ask you now;

What will your piece of art look like?

Who will your paint touch today?

Where will your wayward paint fly?

And most of all – what choice of colors are you going to use for the canvases of your life?

How are you going to colour your world today?

How are you going to colour your world today?


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