What You Don’t Want Out Of Life

November 21, 2014.Random.#brave

I am not perfect although I’ve wasted many moments of my life trying to be. I am not unlovable although I still spend time trying to make myself feel that way. I am not unworthy although I tell myself that in times when I am in need of worthiness. I am not weak although I […]

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If today was your last day?

November 7, 2014.Random

If today was your last day; Would you sit back and reflect and think about the choices you made that took you down a different path than you wanted in that moment? The words that you said out of anger, hurt, resentment or guilt? The people who you let pass through your life without so […]

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Behind The Mask

October 31, 2014.Random

Halloween has me thinking tonight. How often in our lives do we hide behind a mask? There are so many ways to hide – we hide in anger, we hide in fear, we hide in many emotions we don’t even understand. Some of you hide behind makeup, facial hair, bad habits like smoking, drugs or […]

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And so it all makes sense…..

October 30, 2014.My Story.#acceptance

I have had a heavy chest since Mitch has finished his first step in his Choices journey. I could not place words on the feeling nor could I understand it’s root. I thought it through many different ways and still could not confirm the feeling until now. It has taken me 4 days to understand […]

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What did you decide in that moment?

October 16, 2014.Random.#ANTS

I recently took the next step in my “Choices” ( journey and attended ‘SuperChoices’. It was another amazing week of self discovery and revelation. There was a significant focus on your childhood and tapes that were formed in moments from your childhood. I’ve talked previously about tapes but for those of you just starting to […]

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