5 Miracles I See Through My Children

August 12, 2014.Random.#gratitue

Wow – I owe you all an apology for being so absent from my blog this summer.  Apologies to any of you that may have checked in to see any updates. Time has certainly escaped me this summer.  I have drifted through the last few months with no expectations and a ‘go with the flow’ […]

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July 2, 2014.My Story.#judgement

So the scenario is as follows – someone is speaking to a friend of mine and although I’m not going to go into the full context of the story, I’m going to give you the main point I want to write about. “My friend was raped as a young girl by a military guy and […]

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June 24, 2014.Random.#Comfort Zone

We are confined by the walls of our comfort zone.  There’s truth in that statement, a lot of truth however today I have a different take.  We are confined by the walls of our fears.  We build walls slowly over time through our pain, through our struggles and for me predominately through my fears.  I […]

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Words That Fall Out

June 11, 2014.Random.#ANTS

Tonight I met a “friend” (we’ll call him “M”) for coffee.  As we were discussing random things, the conversation turned to Choices and what exactly it was.  As I was explaining what it meant for me and the aspects that I found most valuable in my life, I started talking about ‘ANTS’ or tapes as […]

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Wake Up Mommy

June 4, 2014.Random.#blessing

Gratitude is a new buzzword these days – everyone talks about how to practice it. Keeping a gratitude journal and quite simply how to find the value in all things are 2 very simple ways.  It’s not always easy to realize how incredibly blessed we all are.  Our stories, struggles and difficulties are all different […]

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