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Colour Your World

March 17, 2016.Random.#blessed

Have you ever noticed how life is like a creation of art that is shaped and molded by the thought and effort you put into it? You wake up each day, open your eyes, let your feet hit the floor and you have a fresh canvas to start on. You can decide what it will […]

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Words That Fall Out

June 11, 2014.Random.#ANTS

Tonight I met a “friend” (we’ll call him “M”) for coffee.  As we were discussing random things, the conversation turned to Choices and what exactly it was.  As I was explaining what it meant for me and the aspects that I found most valuable in my life, I started talking about ‘ANTS’ or tapes as […]

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What Came After

March 19, 2014.My Story.#ashamed

After the 11-year-old girl me was forced into losing her innocence on that dark night, I moved into a very mature life style for that of a young girl that age. Was I seeking protection from these people around me or was I just damaged goods? In my head I was broken and in my heart […]

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